Megaton: Total Destruction Game Title
Megaton: Total Destruction Game Title
Megaton: Total Destruction new environment preview
Megaton: Total Destruction interactive menu preview
Megaton: Total Destruction nuclear explosion
Megaton: Total Destruction gameplay screenshot

Megaton: Total Destruction

Unity EngineIndie Game

Megaton: Total Destruction is a physics-based arcade game where the player must use a large explosive arsenal to destroy a wide range of detailed locations! Developed using the Unity Engine, the game started out as a group project during a University course, but slowly grew to be a full-game that has been released on Steam!

The game includes 12 unique projectiles, 3 different playable regions, destructable environments, and Steam Achievements! Released October 2013, the game can be bought through Steam.


Unity EngineGame Jam

Stakkers is a physics-based puzzle game created in 48 hours for the 2016 Ludum Dare Game Jam by a team of 3 Plymouth University students. Based on the "Hole in the Wall" style of gameshow, players must arrange the shapes to pass through the randomly generated walls. As players progress through the game, levels get harder by increasing the number of objects that have to fit through the wall. Players are scored on how quickly they are able to complete each level.

1 Hour Game Jam Entries

Unity EngineGame Jam

The 1 Hour Game Jame (1HGJ) is a weekly Game Jam run on where developers try to make and submit a game in 1 hour. A theme is randomly chosen at the start of the Jam, participants may choose to stick with the theme or not. During my university course, I took part in 5 Jams over the course of 5 weeks. Below is a link to my entries.